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​​Rapid Roof Systems provides 24/7 emergency leak repair services.  We are qualified to make repairs to any type of roof and we are up to the challenge of detecting all leak issues that may arise.

The technique of roof restoration is designed to extend the life of your aging roof and to give a face lift your to property.  Roof restoration is a cost-effective, proactive way to prolong the life of your roof.  The process of restoring your roof is to first clean away all debris and then repair any leaks, tears, or punctures.  When the roof has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired a  coating is then applied to the surface of the roof system.  These steps when done by our trained experts can prolong the life of your roof for up to another 10 years.   

When you purchase a roof restoration system through Rapid Roof Systems we include the first years of preventative maintenance at no additional charge to our customer.  We have included the first years maintenance so that our customers know we hold ourselves to the highest of industry standards.  We want to make sure that our workmanship is the best quality so we come back a year later to make sure everything is how it should be.

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