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​​Emergency Repair


Metal Installation and Fabrication

Rapid Roof Systems has a fully functioning sheet metal fabrication shop.  By having an in house facility to fabricate we are able to have faster response times and more satisfied customers.  

​Listed bellow are just a few of the customized items we make in house:


  • ​Gutter Fabrication
  • Scuppers
  • Conductor Heads
  • Down Spouts
  • ​Goose Neck
  • Cap Metal
  • Line Chasers
  • ​Chimney Caps
  • ​Pitch Pans
  • Metal Expansion Joints

Service Request

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​​Rapid Roof Systems provides 24/7 emergency leak repair services.  We are qualified to make repairs to any type of roof and we are up to the challenge of detecting all leak issues that may arise.